---October 15---

10:25 am

Worship Committee

"Everyday Discipleship"

Numbers 10:29-32
Psalm 52
@Titus 3:1-8, 14


---October 22---

10:25 am

Rev. Dr. Douglas Throop

"Still Cheeky?"

@Exodus 33:12-23
Psalm 99
Matthew 22:15-22


@ indicates the text the minister is reading and preaching on


All Are Welcome
in this place


United Church Women (U.C.W.)

Four Units of the United Church Women meet monthly to share fellowship, worship together and offer our services to our church, as we respond to our community's needs. We send flowers and cards, cater for various events and support local and international organizations as we strive to respond to God's call. All women are welcome to attend.

Fayre prep means
getting "down" to work

House Tour Luncheon is served

The Geranium Tea


The annual Christmas Fayre
sold 900 frozen meat pies
by noon.

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